Tough Time Deciding on a Name for Your Baby?

The conversation went something like this:

Hey honey, when we get pregnant, how about if we name our baby Jack, if it's a boy? The husband responded, that no, he indeed did NOT like that name. As time went by, they acquired a cat. They were having a hard time finding a name for the male feline. Finally the husband just said, You like the name Jack so well, let's give that name to the cat. Because I am NOT having a son named Jack.

So the couple went happily on their way, enjoying the newlywed life and their new cat, Jack.

After a bit of time passed, the happy couple learned they were expecting a bundle of joy to be born later that year. They began the overwhelming task of deciding on names. It'd be easy if the baby was a girl. They agreed upon a girl's name long before they were ever married.

They poured over baby naming books; they shared ideas; they made lists; they tried coming up with a boy's name using this method; then they tried that method. Still nothing. They could not agree on a boy's name.

Thanks to modern technology the couple learned that they were having a baby girl. Their naming problem was solved! They proceeded with the remainder of the pregnancy preparing for the baby girl who already had a name. They even called the baby by her name as the husband read to the pregnant belly.

But then yet another ultrasound revealed that the little girl they had come to know and love was actually a little boy!

The baby was scheduled to make HIS delivery into the world in relatively short time. The parents frantically went back to the tireless task of finding a boy's name they could both agree upon.

One night the husband announced that he liked the name Jack for his son! (This is a true story ladies ? can you even imagine how you'd feel if your husband announced this grand revelation?)

To the wife's dismay she reminded her husband that he was the one who did not like that name; in fact went as far as to declare he would NOT have a son named Jack. She then jogged his memory that they had a cat named Jack. Jack the cat even responded to his name.

You may have guessed the rest of the story. The cat now has a new name. It is rather original. The feline is now known as Kitty Cat (K. C. for short). And they have a beautiful son named Jack.

What's the moral of the story? If you are having a hard time coming up with a perfect name, you just might try the name you've given to the family pet!

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